another day at the office

another day at the office

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I'm going to have to be a little mysterious with this particular post. Definitely holding back some details but only because the time is not quite right yet...BUT...what I can tell you is that Frank Zafiro and I have just finished the first draft of our fourth collaboration together. Luckily, Frank hasn't grown tired of me glomming onto him.  

Its a crime fiction novel that we co-wrote together, titled Harbinger and we're pretty damned pumped up about it. We have a publisher, we have a cover, but this is part of an even bigger story...well, big for me anyway and one that I can't elaborate on yet. Yet. As soon as I can though, I'll be plastering it all over this blog. 


Odds Are Against Us - Update

I spoke to Oren Litwin just today. He is the editor of a Military Fiction Anthology, titled The Odds Are Against Us, that he was instrumental in coordinating last year. Oren told me that the book is currently being reviewed and considered by an independent publisher. Two of the authors that will have short stories featured in this collection are my writing partner Frank Zafiro and myself.

This is truly an underrepresented genre that deserves more attention and writing opportunities so we were both proud to be involved with this project. Frank and I, as well as the other authors, involved are looking forward to this anthology being made available to the public in the near future. I will continue to update on publishing news and availability of this book when I receive the word. More to follow.


The New Year

It has been months (and months) since I've posted - but I'm not going to bother filling in the gap of what else happened in 2017 after my last post.

Not that last year was all bad, in fact some of it was very good, but I'm re-opening the shop here after such a lengthy leave of absence that I think its better to start things off fresh.

And it doesn't get much fresher than January 2, 2018. What is happening right now, what is right around the corner and beyond is what I'll be focused on. So with that said, I have some new posts to write. Welcome, if you've never been here and welcome back if you've had the patience of a saint and haven't deleted this blog.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Now Available - Switchblade Issue #1

A quick note and announcement. Switchblade Issue #1is now availble!

This short story collection, that was coordinated and edited by Scotch Rutherford, has some heavy hitters. There is only one of the contributors that's questionable - me. The authors are:

Tom Leins
Liam Sweeny
Patrick Bates
Preston Lang
Steve Liskow                    
Larry Kelter
Paul D. Brazill
Travis Richardson
William Dylan Powell 
Jim Wilsky
Fred Zackel
Scotch Rutherford
Susan Cornford

As always, there is a need to hit the ground running with a book launch. We need buyers, readers and equally as important, REVIEWERS. Please check this one out and pass the word!

You can find it right here.