another day at the office

another day at the office

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Grifter's Song


A Grifter's Song, Season One is moving right along. Frank, the creator/editor of this new series got things rolling in January with The Concrete Smile, followed by JD Rhoades story, People Like Us and this month's installment, Lawrence Kelter's The Whale.

Next up starting with April, will be The Movie Makers by Gary Phillips, May will feature Lost in Middle America by Colin Conway and June will offer the first year finale, Losing Streak written by some shmuck that you've never heard of - unlike the other authors. Season Two which is already lined up, will feature more of the same. Terrific stories written by some great authors; Eric Beetner, Holly West, Eryk Pruitt, Asa Maria Bradley, Scott Eubanks and Frank again.

A Grifter's Song description in Frank's own words:

"The series features a pair of grifters, Sam and Rachel, who are lifelong grifters in their late thirties. Their past is as shadowy as their present, but we know that they pulled a major long con on the mafia in Philadelphia, and now they are on the run. While one or the other may speak longingly of that quiet life in a beach house somewhere at the end of the rainbow, we all know that the likelihood is that they will never leave this life, unless it is in a box. They are who they are, and so they continue to find and exploit marks, trying to stay one step ahead of the mobsters bent on vengeance." So do yourself a favor...Buy them, enjoy them. - JW


Friday, February 22, 2019

The Odds Are Against Us

After a long, long publishing ordeal, an anthology of Military Fiction that I contributed to is now available on Amazon. The Odds Are Against Us is a collection of great stories dealing with virtue, bravery and valor. Stories of life and death conflict. Tales of survival and struggle, both armed and emotional. I'm a little biased but I think you'll like it.

It's always a pleasure to be involved in a project with writers I know and respect greatly. Both Frank Scalise and John Floyd are writers that fit that mold perfectly. It's an honor to have my name alongside theirs.

I'm not acquainted with the other writers, but it quickly became clear to me that I was lucky to just be included in the mix.

Oren Litwin who masterminded and edited this project from the very beginning deserves a lot of praise for seeing this through to a successful conclusion. He never gave up and there were plenty of times where some might have. Pick up a copy today! You won't regret it. - JW  

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Saturday, December 29, 2018


I'm lucky enough to be acquainted with one of the most prolific and published writers out any genre and any category. His name is James Reasoner. The man is a living legend in my mind (and plenty of others) as he has written for decades, four successful decades, to be exact. Think about that. 

I'm citing some round numbers here but James has written literally hundreds of books under his own name and publishing 'house names'...over 350 Westerns, Historicals, and other genres. He posted the other day that he is closing in on 30 million words written. So yes, I'd say I'm very lucky to be acquainted with James. 

He has written book reviews of the previous Ania Series books and my deep gratitude goes out to him for his recent comments regarding Harbinger. You can find that post, along with a wonderful blog called Rough Edges, right here.