another day at the office

another day at the office

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Switchblade - Issue 10

Issue Ten of Switchblade is now available right here. Scotch Rutherford has done it again, gathering the kind of stories that promise trouble and then deliver it, in spades. A big thank you to Scotch for including me in this collection. The anthology description wraps it all up well...

"Rough riders, gangsters, hitters, stick up men, boxers and box crushers. From the west side all the way back to the east; featuring the bar flies, cheap motels and day-old diner coffee in between...From the A-bomb to the B-word (Betrayal) and it's all about Zulu Time. It's another motley crew of unusual suspects grinding out yet another set of premium gutter noir. This is Switchblade Issue 10, and it ain't just another black and blue issue with shades of gray. It's full color and absolute. Featuring the criminally good fiction work of Selena Jayne, Jim Wilsky, Eddie McNamara, Beaumont Rand, Gene Breaznell, N.W. Barcus, Tim V. Decker, Christian Goss, C.W. Blackwell, Jim Towns, Brian Beatty and Timothy Friend."

So, do yourself a favor. Get yourself a copy and give it a read. Take a little ride through blue hammered hell. - JW

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Grifter's Song - Print Editions

Down & Out Books has announced that the new A Grifter's Song covers are ready for Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Subscriber Editions and they are gorgeous....

Volume 1 >        Zafiro ~ Rhoades ~ Kelter

Volume 2 >       Phillips ~ Conway ~ Wilsky

It's all right here. In addition, the print copies of all six episodes in Season 1 will be available at Amazon and BN within the week. If you haven't got on board with this Grifter series yet, you're missing out! - JW 

Saturday, June 1, 2019



My story, Losing Streak is the sixth episode and final edition for this season of A Grifter's Song is available starting today. You can get it right here or here.

If you haven't heard yet, this is a series you don't want to miss. Not with contributing authors like Frank Zafiro, JD Rhoades, Lawrence Kelter, Gary Phillips and Colin Conway. Get a copy today!  -JW

Friday, May 31, 2019

A Tribute to Sandra Seamans

I can't really do justice in trying to say how special Sandra Seamans was, so I'll keep it short and simply say here that it was with much sadness that I learned of her recent passing.

I visited her My Little Corner many, many times down through the years. Sandra helped me and everyone else find writing opportunities more times than be counted. I always tried to thank her and tell her how great of a service she was providing her fellow writers. I tried to express the gratitude I felt and my admiration of how unselfish she was. I just wish now I could tell her those things one more time.

She was an extraordinary person, one of a kind, and will be greatly missed.